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Pushing Your Plot with Page Turns

Today’s 1-minute writing tip is about pacing. More specifically how to use page turns as a great way to drive your plot forward. Sometimes we want to slow our readers down. Other times we want them to speed up. In these instances, a great way to drive the reader forward in your book is to…

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Creating Characters from Wants and Needs

Today’s 1-minute writing tip is about creating characters, and stories, by using wants and needs. I've found that one of the best ways to create fun and interesting characters is to give them something to want...and then take it away from them. I know. I know. It sounds mean. But we're authors. It's kind of…

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Make Writing a Habit

It doesn't matter what you write, only that you are writing. Yeah, I know, we all want to get right to work on our masterpiece. But it's maybe even more important to develop a good habit of writing before we make that leap. Not only will it make things easier for you once you start…

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