Creating Characters from Wants and Needs

Today’s 1-minute writing tip is about creating characters, and stories, by using wants and needs.

I've found that one of the best ways to create fun and interesting characters is to give them something to want...and then take it away from them. I know. I know. It sounds mean. But we're authors. It's kind of our job to be mean to our characters.

Once you've taken away what your character wants, lead them down a path to having it again. Then show what they really needed. Perhaps what they wanted and needed were the same. Perhaps not.

For instance, in my book, I Will Not Eat You, Theodore wants quiet. I tell you this on page 1.

On the next spread, I take his quiet away. Over and over. Until, finally, he gets his quiet and we see that he's still not happy. That's when we give him what he really needed.
An annoying child. Ha! Just kidding. A friend.

It's just that simple. What does your character want? Or need? Tell us below!

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