About Adam Lehrhaupt

Author / Writing Coach

Adam Lehrhaupt is the award-winning children's picture book author of Warning: Do Not Open This Book!Please: Open This Book!, Chicken in SpaceChicken in SchoolI Will Not Eat YouI Don't Draw, I Color, WordplayThis is a Good Story, and several more. He has traveled to six continents, performed on Broadway, and lived on a communal farm. In 2014, After spending nearly 10 years trying to figure out the best way to write a picture book that would sell, Adam started running workshops on how YOU can do it. And now he offers workshops, coaching, online training, and more. He currently lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, with his wife, two sons, and two bizarre dogs.

Adam Lehrhaupt — The long Bio

Want a slightly longer answer? We have one of those too...

Like many high school students, Adam had no idea what he was going to do with himself after graduation. Being on a list of the best picture book authors wasn't even on his radar. The only class he enjoyed in school was art. So, Adam applied to art school. This was, perhaps, not the most well thought out idea. Turns out that, while Adam enjoyed art, he did not enjoy critiques of art. Especially his own. After one particularly painful critique, hoping that his issues might be resolved by a change of venue, Adam decided to look into another program. This led him to apply to Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

Adam very much enjoyed his time in New York. The program fit his style much better than his first school, and he studied everything from mask making, to directing for stage and film, to light and sound design. In the summers, Adam worked for a lighting company that sent him out on tour with bands like The Allman Brothers, Dave Matthews Band, Boys II Men, and even a few days with the WWF.

After Graduation

Upon graduation, Adam decided his goal was to be a world-famous children's author. He started out by making a list of the most popular picture book authors. Just kidding. He still didn't have any idea that writing would become his passion. He actually drove around the country for a while. A little bit aimlessly. Eventually, his car broke down. He remembers something about the engine seizing, making a terrible noise, and then giving up. When the sun came up, he found himself in Lake Tahoe, CA. Needless to say, he stayed. Adam worked as a ski and snowboard instructor that winter, fully utilizing his hard-earned college degree. To their great credit, Adam's parents did not tell him he was wasting his time or their money. In the summer, he took a job laying bricks during the day and worked with the stage crew at Caesar's most nights. That is until David Copperfield came through. Turns out, they needed someone with Adam's skills to help them get ready for their Broadway debut that December. Off he went.

We Have Some Questions

The answer to your first question is—Yes, he does. The answer to your next question is—No, he won't. You probably wouldn't believe him anyway. Adam worked for David for almost three years. As part of David's crew, he traveled all over the US, through South America, Europe, and Asia. It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun. He made some great friends. Adam was able to go places he might never have gone. But, all things must come to an end. So, he moved on.

What Happened Next

What do you do after touring the world with barely a care? Do you follow your dream of becoming a world-famous children's picture book author? Of course not! You volunteer to work on a kibbutz. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Adam made a quick stop to visit the folks, for a month or three, and then went off to Israel. For those that don't know what a kibbutz is, it is a type of communal farm. Life there is different. Adam had all kinds of jobs depending on the day. He farmed turkeys, delivered milk, set up tents, and he even did dishes and helped cook. But, this too would end, and Adam would return home.

One last Question for Mr. Lehrhaupt

That sounds like an amazing life Adam, but you still haven't told us how you became a children's picture book author. Or how you started teaching people how to write for children?

I was getting to that. I mean, hey, you don't become one of the best picture book authors by sitting on the sofa all day. There was some background that needed to be told. Well, maybe not NEEDED, but it was a cool story. Right?

Anyway, upon his return home, Adam went back to creating art. He worked for 12 years as a Senior Art Director for a huge international company. In his spare time, before breakfast, late at night, and on weekends, he followed his dream of becoming one of the best picture book authors in the world. He took classes. He read book after book. He talked to anyone who would answer his questions. And he learned. Every day.

Eventually, Adam found success as a children's picture book author. His first book was sold to Paula Wiseman Books at Simon & Schuster in 2010 and came out in 2013. Since then, Adam has sold more than 15 books, in just 3 years, to major publishers. He might not yet be the most popular picture book author, but he's certainly making every effort to be the best. And he started teaching others how to do exactly what he does. His Write Picture Books That Sell course is a learn-at-your-own-pace online program designed to make you successful at writing a children's picture book and getting it published. For those looking for more 1-on-1 type instruction, Adam also offers coaching services as well as manuscript critiques and private consultations.

Are you interested in writing a children's book of your own? Check out all of the classes and coaching services Adam has to offer.